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We sincerely thank all attendees for their efforts to come bringing exciting scientific results to make this meeting successful. We thank the Scientific Organizing Committee for their guidance, advice, and hard work for the excellent scientific programs. We also thank the conference coordinators, Ms. Carol Austin and Ms. Terry Greenberg, for their tireless efforts to make this meeting as perfect as possible. Special thanks also go to Ms. Olga Tishinin and Ms. Lynda Lauria, and Mr. Kenny Silber. Lastly, we thank the PPPL management for their support for the special banquet where we celebrated Masaaki's 70th birthday.
We plan to have a special topic section in Physics of Plasmas where the meeting participants can publish together their work presented at this meeting.
The next US-Japan Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection will be held in Japan by Prof. Yasushi Ono. The scientific topics include:
  • General Reconnection Physics (Theoretical and Numerical Studies)
  • Magnetic Reconnections in Solar Plasmas (Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, Coronal Hearing,Solar Wind,etc)
  • Magnetic Reconnections in Magnetosphere (Magnetotail, Magnetopause, Substorms, etc)
  • Magnetic Reconnections in Astrophysical Systems (Accretion disks, Protostars, AGN Jets, Cluster of Galaxies, Pulser Wind, etc.)
  • Magnetic Reconnections in Laboratory Experiments (Basic and fusion plasma experiments)

The Scientific Organizing Committeemembers are

H. Ji (PPPL, Chair)
S. Antiochos (NASA-GSFC)
J. Drake (Univ. Maryland)
M. Hesse (NASA-GSFC)
R. Horiuchi (NIFS)
M. Hoshino (Univ. Tokyo)
R. Matsumoto (Chiba U.)
Y. Ono (Univ. Tokyo)
K. Shibata (Kyoto Univ.)
E. Zweibel (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison)

Hantao Ji
Workshop Organizer

Carol Austin and Terry Greenberg
Workshop Coordinators

Past MR meetings:

MR2010 by Ryoji Matsumoto at Nara
MR2009 by Ellen Zweibel at Madison
MR2008 by Michiaki Inomoto at Okinawa
MR2007 by Jim Drake and Michael Hesse at St. Michaels
MR2006 by Jim Drake, Michael Hesse and Roy Torbert at College Park (Harry Petschek Symposium)
MR2005 by Kazunari Shibata at Awaji-shima
MR2003 by Paul Bellan at Catalina Island
MR2002 by Yasushi Ono at Hakone
MR2001by Hantao Ji and Masaaki Yamada at Princeton
MR2000 by Yasushi Ono atTokyo
MR1998byMasaaki Yamada and William Tang at Princeton

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